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Another Italian Dinner

Having dinner in Florence at a little restaurant and pizzeria place… :)


Started with some wine…wasn’t very good but then again I have no idea how to choose a good wine lol. Its one of my culinary weaknesses!


Next was this awesome calzone…a bit to crispy but the ricotta and the prosciutto were great!


Then this simple pasta dish with fresh noodles and tomatoes. Good and not overly seasoned :)


Ok, this next pasta dish was really interesting! Fresh noodles with a Tuscan meat sauce… the noodles were quite good with a gritty texture. The sauce was defiantly a new experience. It was super flavorful ground beef and the only way I can kinda describe it was that it somewhat resembled the flavor of corned beef hash! (I love that stuff!) anyways…when in Tuscany try the Tuscan meat sauce :)



The Wines of Italy

The Wines of Italy

Postin’ time!!! Haha :) So…on my recent trip to Tuscany, Italy I took a food tour of Florence and a wine tasting was part of that tour!


The first was my favorite, Lambrusco, a mild sparkling wine. Super good, not to sweet and a pretty low alcohol content. Very easy to drink and would have been great with some pasta ;) This wine was a DOC, meaning it’s a certified traditional wine using grapes from the surrounding area.


Next was another DOC wine, Montepluciano D’Asruzzo. This one was… good but… not very easy to drink. I like my wine just a touch bit sweet and this wasn’t very sweet lol 


Then the 3rd, Le Corti,  was a lot like the 2nd but a bit higher alcohol content and a touch bit sweeter. Good wine!

The fourth was a very epic wine…EPIC. It’s a dessert wine that you often dip biscotti into and its super-duper sweet! It’s also got a very nutty flavor because of the wood used in the process of making it and a nice golden color. This wine is 1998 Via Santo Del Chiante that is also a DOC. Again.. this first wine was my favorite but if you go to italy I recommend trying a dessert wine like this! It’s very unique and quite delicious! 

With the biscotti!!! 


(Wines are VERY confusing and I apologies if I got any of the names wrong!)

Bubble Tea!

You’re a punk if you don’t know ’bout Bubble Tea! lol Its a very delicious Asian drink that is something of an obsession of mine but seeing as I live in Germany I can’t have it…. But while getting lost in downtown Berlin we found this adorable Bubble Tea shop! They were really nice and spoke perfect English. The Bubble Tea was great, mine was black tea with passion fruit and (something I had not try before) passion fruit flavored bursting boba! (The little ball thing you see) Typically, bubble tea comes with tapioca balls or jelly. But the bursting boba was so much fun to eat ^.^ and, being filled with a sweet syrup, very tasty!

Sipahh Milk Straws

Food review! I’ll try to post one a week :)