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Oooh Belgium Waffles!

So I took a trip to Brussels, Belgium! And what was one of the top things on my list to try??? WAFFLES! :D …So you think you like waffles right? Those gross flavorless sponge things? …well these waffles are nothing like that! Why am I so excited!? lol

Well, this is the first waffle I tried! (and the best!) so they pour the batter in fresh, or used a recently made waffle and heat it up in the waffle iron. Then it comes out all hot and chewy and FULL of flavor! Seriously, this thing did not need the chocolate stuff. The flavor was sweet and very vanilla-ey. Just a perfect balance <3






There are an endless amount of toppings! Ice cream being one of the most popular. Also fresh strawberries and whipped cream :)

There are several different kinds of waffles too! This was much lighter and fluffy. The flavor was also a bit more subtle.

Anywhoooo, if you ever make it to Belgium…TRY THE WAFFLES.


Prosciutto, Pizza, Ravioli, Risotto

I ate many delicious things on my recent trip to Tuscany, Italy :) This was my first meal there (I was *very* excited lol)


This is fresh mozzarella and prosciutto <3 OH MAN. I love prosciutto but i’ve never had it like this! In the states it just a bit to salty and chewy..not here…it was the perfect amount of salt with meat that wasnt overly chewy and a chore to eat. Seriously good stuff right here! 

I ordered the Margherita pizza! Super simple but good. The sauce was like…BAM… tomatoes! 


This was a tasty fresh pasta with some darn good mushrooms! I believe it was filled with a ricotta mixture. But the interesting part was the pasta. You can see from the photo that it’s not the usual white-ish stuff but yellow, and it wasn’t to tender so it fell apart. It held quite nicely together making for an interesting texture.


The last and THE BEST. Probably my favorite dish that I tried in Italy! This was creamy parmesan risotto <3 This stuff was like a giant bowl of comfort food :D  This sauce was very thick and creamy, made with the delectable Parmigiano Reggiano. The risotto was very heavy, so you could only take a few bites without being full haha. Perfectly salty with a great balance of cream and cheese. Nom approved! 



Cookies and Cream Y’all

(The Y’all was a joke! lol) I just thought it sounded nice with the Cookies and Cream part :)

Anywho! I seem to be posting about ice cream a lot…haha and I’ll be leaving for Italy in a couple of days so there are going to be lots of gelato photos ;D …so.. back on topic! This is the best ice cream I’ve had so far in Germany! We got it at this cute Lil ice cream place in Berlin. Obviously my flavor was cookies and cream. Why is this ice cream the best? Why is almost everything better than the food in America?….ITS FRESH…Its not that gross freezer burnt fake vanilla crap ya get…its creamy and flavorful and it taste a lot like my daddy’s homemade ice cream (A.K.A Best stuff ever)


Spaghetti Eis!

So you’re all like what? Spaghetti? No! Its ice cream! Lol And the Germans have it at every ice cream shop. Its (Usually) a mound of whipped cream covered in vanilla ice cream that is put through a processor to make it look like noodles then covered in strawberry sauce then the “parmesan” is really just shaved white chocolate. Its nom and really inventive! If you noticed I used the word “Eis” The German term for ice cream. It is also the word for ice cubes…that would get confusing right? nope…they don’t often have ice cubes over here :(     Coke without ice is disappoint!