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Gelato and Stuff

Gelatooooo timeeeee :D

Soooooo, I tried some great gelato while I was in Florence! The real deal, not touristy stuff. It was stored traditionally in the metal bin thingys in the counter, not in a display case. The colors were pale and  not fluorescent so you knew the ingredients were real :D (Contrary to popular belief, gelato should NOT be piled high and should be dull in color)
I had FOUR different flavors lol. White chocolate strawberry, passion fruit, coffee and vanilla mint (The mint was so fresh tasting, quite a new experience!). This was some seriously good stuff! The flavors were so vibrant tasting! .


I also had Gelato in Pisa…not as great but still good :) I had strawberry


Next was chocolate! Pralines to be exact, extremely creamy stuff! My favorite was the hazelnut with cracked pepper on top. The pepper was a genius addition to the chocolate! They complimented each other so well! 


The view at the chocolate shop!


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The Best Dang Schnitzel

So…Ah I always want to start my  post with “So” …I’ve been in Germany to long lol they love that word!

Alright! So having lived here for seven months i’ve tried quite a few different kinds of Schnitzel and the best i’ve had yet was in Berlin :) Ah it was so good! Most of the Schnitzel I’ve had is pretty bland but this stuff was fresh and properly seasoned <3 It also came with some very delicious mushroom gravy! Also in this picture is a type of deep-fried mashed potato stick thing…I cant remember the name! (I’ll find it when I visit the store haha) Anyways, they are super good, like a mix between mashed potatoes and hash-browns :)