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Spaghetti Eis!

So you’re all like what? Spaghetti? No! Its ice cream! Lol And the Germans have it at every ice cream shop. Its (Usually) a mound of whipped cream covered in vanilla ice cream that is put through a processor to make it look like noodles then covered in strawberry sauce then the “parmesan” is really just shaved white chocolate. Its nom and really inventive! If you noticed I used the word “Eis” The German term for ice cream. It is also the word for ice cubes…that would get confusing right? nope…they don’t often have ice cubes over here :(     Coke without ice is disappoint!


Currywurst is Da Bomb

I love German food! But…I think my favorite is currywurst!!!! (Its the Germans version of fast-food) It has sausage that is grilled, sliced then covered in the curry sauce! The sauce is like barbeque but less sweet with lots of curry ^.^ then  the dish is sprinkled with curry! Its nom! I’ll be attempting to make it soon :) Also pictured in the photo is paprikawurst


Gelato in Worms

So there is the little town not to far from us called Worms! They have some amazing gelato! It is different than German ice cream. The gelato is (of course) fluffy-er and less sweet. The flavors here are mango and walnut :) It’s a nice place to go with over 30 flavors! And they speak english haha

Castle Salad

So in Germany there are TONS of castles lol. We went to Burg Lichtenberg!


They had a nice little restaurant with a view :) I ordered the marinated deer ham! Super good (Of course… when is deer not?!)  Germany has great food, but surprisingly one of my favorites is their salads… they always have good salads with house made vinaigrette (No icky ranch) and pickled beets, marinated carrots and green beans! (the green beans are nom!) Also, in this picture is a yogurt sauce that went well with the cold meat and vinegar.


Anno Dazumal

A tiny little cafe in south Germany called Anno Dazuaml.

Absolutely delicious! The owner lady there is known for her amazing cakes! But not in the american sense. German pastries are a lot different. The ingredients are fresh (Not yucky boxed stuff) and not overly sugared. Great coffee here too! (That is hard to find in Germany) You either love it or hate it lol

And I loved mine! It was banana nut bread sorta bottom on the cake, making the base then a mixture of mashed up cherries (best part because they were fresh) then topped with homemade whipped cream and then custard. This lady knows cakes! And she was really nice even though we didn’t speak German yet haha