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The Easy Way: Currywurst

I made currywurst!!! …but sadly not homemade lol I will be attempting it soon, i’ve been making several dishes lately that I will post :)

Anywhooo, I took the easy way out with this one by buying the (very yummy) ready to eat german sausage :) (Its got a fluffy hotdog like consistency) and I bought the packaged mix of currywurst sauce that you just add water yeah. 5 min meal that delicious but definitely doesn’t compete with the real thing. The wurst just didn’t have that much flavor as it could have and the sauce was good but I definitely could have used some more curry. Anyways, super easy German dish! 


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Cookies and Cream Y’all

(The Y’all was a joke! lol) I just thought it sounded nice with the Cookies and Cream part :)

Anywho! I seem to be posting about ice cream a lot…haha and I’ll be leaving for Italy in a couple of days so there are going to be lots of gelato photos ;D …so.. back on topic! This is the best ice cream I’ve had so far in Germany! We got it at this cute Lil ice cream place in Berlin. Obviously my flavor was cookies and cream. Why is this ice cream the best? Why is almost everything better than the food in America?….ITS FRESH…Its not that gross freezer burnt fake vanilla crap ya get…its creamy and flavorful and it taste a lot like my daddy’s homemade ice cream (A.K.A Best stuff ever)


The Best Dang Schnitzel

So…Ah I always want to start my  post with “So” …I’ve been in Germany to long lol they love that word!

Alright! So having lived here for seven months i’ve tried quite a few different kinds of Schnitzel and the best i’ve had yet was in Berlin :) Ah it was so good! Most of the Schnitzel I’ve had is pretty bland but this stuff was fresh and properly seasoned <3 It also came with some very delicious mushroom gravy! Also in this picture is a type of deep-fried mashed potato stick thing…I cant remember the name! (I’ll find it when I visit the store haha) Anyways, they are super good, like a mix between mashed potatoes and hash-browns :)

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Bubble Tea!

You’re a punk if you don’t know ’bout Bubble Tea! lol Its a very delicious Asian drink that is something of an obsession of mine but seeing as I live in Germany I can’t have it…. But while getting lost in downtown Berlin we found this adorable Bubble Tea shop! They were really nice and spoke perfect English. The Bubble Tea was great, mine was black tea with passion fruit and (something I had not try before) passion fruit flavored bursting boba! (The little ball thing you see) Typically, bubble tea comes with tapioca balls or jelly. But the bursting boba was so much fun to eat ^.^ and, being filled with a sweet syrup, very tasty!