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Eats In Paris

So I was in Paris right… haha :) I’ve always wanted to say that! Anywho, gorgeous city and some unbelievably great food!

Of course I tried crepes while I was there! Slightly fluffy and sweet with a nice amount of vanilla flavor and they came with nutella ^.^ mmmmm and were powdered with cocoa! 

Then we stopped at the cafe really close to the Eiffel tower and I got a baguette :) It had butter and salami. Good but nothing spectacular. If you are looking for fresh french bread I recommend one of the many bakeries.. which are full of sinful goodness lol

This is a typical french breakfast and I LOVE bread so I was super happy :D The croissants in France are easily the best I have ever eaten <3 Probably my favorite food on the whole trip. Yes, they are that good!



Oooh Belgium Waffles!

So I took a trip to Brussels, Belgium! And what was one of the top things on my list to try??? WAFFLES! :D …So you think you like waffles right? Those gross flavorless sponge things? …well these waffles are nothing like that! Why am I so excited!? lol

Well, this is the first waffle I tried! (and the best!) so they pour the batter in fresh, or used a recently made waffle and heat it up in the waffle iron. Then it comes out all hot and chewy and FULL of flavor! Seriously, this thing did not need the chocolate stuff. The flavor was sweet and very vanilla-ey. Just a perfect balance <3






There are an endless amount of toppings! Ice cream being one of the most popular. Also fresh strawberries and whipped cream :)

There are several different kinds of waffles too! This was much lighter and fluffy. The flavor was also a bit more subtle.

Anywhoooo, if you ever make it to Belgium…TRY THE WAFFLES.

Little Noms

So, this the last food post of our trip to Italy :(  But I still have lots more to post from our previous trips (including France and be prepared!)

Alrighty, we stopped at this little bakery. Tiny little authentic place with some great looking stuff :) This here was a delicious savory pastry that was filled with sausage and stracchino cheese. This thing was freaking awesome. Nom approved <3


Next was the sweet little berry tart with pistachios on top. Simple yet delicious <3 

Then at our wine tasting we had these delicious little sand-witches! One was creamy butter with anchovies (Weird right? NO!) Lol. Super good, just enough saltiness and the anchovies had a great flavor! Also we had one that was the same except truffle paste stuff <3 Great white truffle flavor!

Gelato and Stuff

Gelatooooo timeeeee :D

Soooooo, I tried some great gelato while I was in Florence! The real deal, not touristy stuff. It was stored traditionally in the metal bin thingys in the counter, not in a display case. The colors were pale and  not fluorescent so you knew the ingredients were real :D (Contrary to popular belief, gelato should NOT be piled high and should be dull in color)
I had FOUR different flavors lol. White chocolate strawberry, passion fruit, coffee and vanilla mint (The mint was so fresh tasting, quite a new experience!). This was some seriously good stuff! The flavors were so vibrant tasting! .


I also had Gelato in Pisa…not as great but still good :) I had strawberry


Next was chocolate! Pralines to be exact, extremely creamy stuff! My favorite was the hazelnut with cracked pepper on top. The pepper was a genius addition to the chocolate! They complimented each other so well! 


The view at the chocolate shop!

Dinner In Tuscany

This is our visit to a cute little italian restaurant on the last day of our trip (I’m not posting stuff we did in any specific order lol) The place was very cozy with only around 7 tables. But it was still fancy and of course they had a large selection of wine :P


The first starter we had were Beef Rolls, delicious thinly cut pieces of beef filled with an arugula and fresh cheese mixture. Very fresh tasting dish, it was good even though I’m not really a fan of arugula :)


Next was SUPER NOM pieces of rye toast with fresh cheese, raspberry preserves and mint. Oh my goodness this was so good, the saltiness of the cheese was a perfect balance to the sweetness of the preserves and the mint gave it a little extra kick :)



The entrée I ordered was a fresh pasta with a white ragú, rabbit and saffron. <3 The rabbit was very delicious, like a gamier version of beef.


Dessert was probably my favorite part of the meal ;) I ordered the cheesecake and you can even tell by the picture that it’s not your ordinary cheesecake, the texture of the cake is very different, having a much fluffier consistency and not nearly as dense… And FRESH. So fresh tasting that you could taste all the different ingredients, specially the cheese <3

The Wines of Italy

The Wines of Italy

Postin’ time!!! Haha :) So…on my recent trip to Tuscany, Italy I took a food tour of Florence and a wine tasting was part of that tour!


The first was my favorite, Lambrusco, a mild sparkling wine. Super good, not to sweet and a pretty low alcohol content. Very easy to drink and would have been great with some pasta ;) This wine was a DOC, meaning it’s a certified traditional wine using grapes from the surrounding area.


Next was another DOC wine, Montepluciano D’Asruzzo. This one was… good but… not very easy to drink. I like my wine just a touch bit sweet and this wasn’t very sweet lol 


Then the 3rd, Le Corti,  was a lot like the 2nd but a bit higher alcohol content and a touch bit sweeter. Good wine!

The fourth was a very epic wine…EPIC. It’s a dessert wine that you often dip biscotti into and its super-duper sweet! It’s also got a very nutty flavor because of the wood used in the process of making it and a nice golden color. This wine is 1998 Via Santo Del Chiante that is also a DOC. Again.. this first wine was my favorite but if you go to italy I recommend trying a dessert wine like this! It’s very unique and quite delicious! 

With the biscotti!!! 


(Wines are VERY confusing and I apologies if I got any of the names wrong!)

Cookies and Cream Y’all

(The Y’all was a joke! lol) I just thought it sounded nice with the Cookies and Cream part :)

Anywho! I seem to be posting about ice cream a lot…haha and I’ll be leaving for Italy in a couple of days so there are going to be lots of gelato photos ;D …so.. back on topic! This is the best ice cream I’ve had so far in Germany! We got it at this cute Lil ice cream place in Berlin. Obviously my flavor was cookies and cream. Why is this ice cream the best? Why is almost everything better than the food in America?….ITS FRESH…Its not that gross freezer burnt fake vanilla crap ya get…its creamy and flavorful and it taste a lot like my daddy’s homemade ice cream (A.K.A Best stuff ever)