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Food Firenze! (Get it? lol)

Yeah that was a ridiculous joke! But I couldn’t help it! Alright! So get ready for a super-duper long post! I went on a wonderful food tour of Florence (Firenze), Italy!  …and here are some of the amazingly delicious and very new to me, things I tried!

This was a simple beef brisket that we had in the market, the green sauce was made from cilantro and was very refreshing…the red sauce was..HOT…I avoided it because I don’t like spicy things but a little bit of it got my piece and I was freaking out..talking crazy burn your face off kinda hot!

Next was freshly made raw ravioli! The filling was some sort of smooth cheese and pear, crazy sweet and interesting. The pasta was super tender and good <3

Then onto the delicious balsamic vinegar’s…Balsamic vinegar is one of my favorite condiments! <3 LOVE THIS STUFF.

We tried 7 different balsamic vinegar’s! Each one going up in age, the last one we tried was aged for 25 years, expensive but really good stuff and the older it gets the more concentrated it is. So the flavor is very strong and the texture starts to become almost like molasses <3

Next was olive oil…i’v never tasted anything quite like this. I use olive oil every day but this stuff tasted completely different! You could actually taste the fact it tasted like a fresh raw olive! Very strange indeed.. :D

Then the cheese’s with different toppings :) We had fresh mozzarella and parmigiano reggiano <3 TO DIE FOR.

The sauces were actually different kinds of chutneys, honeys and also truffle pesto-ish stuff ;) We bought several haha. We purchased the pear that was infused with essence of mustard (great stuff) and the mixed berry with truffle oil! NOM APPROVED.

Anyways, these are all the delicious things we tasted at the oldest food market in Florence. If you ever get a chance to visit Tuscany make sure you make your way to this market! <3


Prosciutto, Pizza, Ravioli, Risotto

I ate many delicious things on my recent trip to Tuscany, Italy :) This was my first meal there (I was *very* excited lol)


This is fresh mozzarella and prosciutto <3 OH MAN. I love prosciutto but i’ve never had it like this! In the states it just a bit to salty and chewy..not here…it was the perfect amount of salt with meat that wasnt overly chewy and a chore to eat. Seriously good stuff right here! 

I ordered the Margherita pizza! Super simple but good. The sauce was like…BAM… tomatoes! 


This was a tasty fresh pasta with some darn good mushrooms! I believe it was filled with a ricotta mixture. But the interesting part was the pasta. You can see from the photo that it’s not the usual white-ish stuff but yellow, and it wasn’t to tender so it fell apart. It held quite nicely together making for an interesting texture.


The last and THE BEST. Probably my favorite dish that I tried in Italy! This was creamy parmesan risotto <3 This stuff was like a giant bowl of comfort food :D  This sauce was very thick and creamy, made with the delectable Parmigiano Reggiano. The risotto was very heavy, so you could only take a few bites without being full haha. Perfectly salty with a great balance of cream and cheese. Nom approved! 



The Wines of Italy

The Wines of Italy

Postin’ time!!! Haha :) So…on my recent trip to Tuscany, Italy I took a food tour of Florence and a wine tasting was part of that tour!


The first was my favorite, Lambrusco, a mild sparkling wine. Super good, not to sweet and a pretty low alcohol content. Very easy to drink and would have been great with some pasta ;) This wine was a DOC, meaning it’s a certified traditional wine using grapes from the surrounding area.


Next was another DOC wine, Montepluciano D’Asruzzo. This one was… good but… not very easy to drink. I like my wine just a touch bit sweet and this wasn’t very sweet lol 


Then the 3rd, Le Corti,  was a lot like the 2nd but a bit higher alcohol content and a touch bit sweeter. Good wine!

The fourth was a very epic wine…EPIC. It’s a dessert wine that you often dip biscotti into and its super-duper sweet! It’s also got a very nutty flavor because of the wood used in the process of making it and a nice golden color. This wine is 1998 Via Santo Del Chiante that is also a DOC. Again.. this first wine was my favorite but if you go to italy I recommend trying a dessert wine like this! It’s very unique and quite delicious! 

With the biscotti!!! 


(Wines are VERY confusing and I apologies if I got any of the names wrong!)

Gelato in Worms

So there is the little town not to far from us called Worms! They have some amazing gelato! It is different than German ice cream. The gelato is (of course) fluffy-er and less sweet. The flavors here are mango and walnut :) It’s a nice place to go with over 30 flavors! And they speak english haha