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The Easy Way: Currywurst

I made currywurst!!! …but sadly not homemade lol I will be attempting it soon, i’ve been making several dishes lately that I will post :)

Anywhooo, I took the easy way out with this one by buying the (very yummy) ready to eat german sausage :) (Its got a fluffy hotdog like consistency) and I bought the packaged mix of currywurst sauce that you just add water yeah. 5 min meal that delicious but definitely doesn’t compete with the real thing. The wurst just didn’t have that much flavor as it could have and the sauce was good but I definitely could have used some more curry. Anyways, super easy German dish! 


Currywurst is Da Bomb

I love German food! But…I think my favorite is currywurst!!!! (Its the Germans version of fast-food) It has sausage that is grilled, sliced then covered in the curry sauce! The sauce is like barbeque but less sweet with lots of curry ^.^ then  the dish is sprinkled with curry! Its nom! I’ll be attempting to make it soon :) Also pictured in the photo is paprikawurst